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Dear Brain Team:
On behalf of the company and in particular the Customer and Market Intelligence Management , I want to extend my appreciation for the enormous effort you made for this proyect. Despite urgencies, questions, and challenges  that came up, we always had from you a total commitment to keep it on going.
This shows the professionalism of Brain and the people that take part of the company.
Alejandro Arce

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Audio in Spanish
Mexicans: Do you trust surveys? .. And Do you tell the truth when you are asked?
Laura Ruvalcaba with Sergio Sarmiento in Radio REd,  October 2014
       We are celebrating!!
Zoe comes to Brain with 8 years of Quantitative experience behind her. Adept at using a wide range of methodologies to generate key consumer insights. She is especially strong in new product testing and consumer profiling and strategy.
N  E  W  S 

Our 17th anniversary. We want to thank you all for your preference and confidence .... Thank you!!

As part of the WIN (Worldwide Network) we share the combined experience of experts in 47 countries.
See Study (Spanish Only)
Moment of Truth About Surveys 2014
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