We are a team that:
Look for challenges; generating insights to help our clients meet their business needs.
We are ranked amongst the biggest and most reputable agencies in all Latin America.
Our team are amongst the best in the industry; helping us to achieve the excellence in results which has led to the widespread recognition of our consultancy value.
Brain has a presence in 72 countries through the WIN International Network.
Our Expertise
•Publicity & Media
•Telecommunications & TI
•Pharma & Health
•Banking & Finance
Laura Ruvalcaba 
With more than 25 years of active participation in the industry, Laura has been responsible for more than 1500 studies. “I am still surprised by the power of information”…
President - CEO
        Veronica Islas
Veronica has had a passion for research since 1999, yet still pushes herself to constantly evolve with the times, believing that we should never stop learning new things.
Global Accounts Director
                     Liliana Perdomo
Liliana is an expert in Quantitative research; directing  projects for local and global clients alike.
"Investigation is my essence, working with passion to provide pertinent and reliable information".
Market Intelligence Director
                 Claudia Galindo
Although Claudia started life as a Quanti, she turned to Qualitative research 15 years ago and has never looked back.
"I consider myself a bipolar investigator  (qualitative and quantitative) but I am madly grateful for qual because it always floods me with reasons, comprehension and humanity."
Qualitative Studies Director